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YOGA OF MIND – 25. Mind and Eight Siddhis

Many are under the wrong impression that a yogi, sanyasi, siddha or a divine man should be able to perform miracles and those who do not exhibit these miracles are not yogis, siddhas or divine men. May I advise the common man that there is no connection between Yogis, siddhis and divine persons and the performance of miracles by them.  A true yogi will never think of this. 

To dabble with “Siddhis” is not a healthy and good trend and it does not require very hard and sustained practice. A man who performs siddhis or miracles need not be a man with a good character. They can even be rogues. The one that performs the siddhis or miracles is the mind and sub-conscious mind. These siddhis are totally unfavourable aspects for a yogi, sanyasi or a Godly man. Though these people have the capacity to perform miracles or “Siddhis” they will not do it. Their goal is to realize oneself and they will only progress towards that goal. 

It is our wish that people should come out of the false impression that yogis and siddhas or Godmen should perform micracles. Siddhis are of eight different categories-Anima, Lagima, Garima, Mahima, Vasithvam, Prakamyam, Esithvam and Prapthi. We can also classify clairvoyance, clair-audience, telepathy, clair-smell, clair-touch, clair – taste as siddhis. We need not go deep into these things but only explain them brie

 Anima:  This is capacity to disintegrate the atoms and to integrate them once again. A siddha buried in the earth can come out and make his appearance. Ponce he is buried he disintegrates the atoms that go to makeup his body, come out of earth and materialise those atoms once again in the same manner. Earth or box or any physical object will not be an obstruction to the atoms. One who has this capacity can make a big tree disappear in a minute. It happens because the atoms that makeup the tree are disintegrated. As we have already said that mind like substance in a subtler form is present in the atoms and when they are directed by our mind to disintegrate they disintegrate and when directed to integrate they again integrate in the same form as they were before. Mind strongly wills that the atoms that go to makeup the tree should disintegrate and the tree disappears. 

Lagima: To make a thing light. By this exercise the body is made to lose its weight and becomes very light and go up easily. The mind force directs the body to go up and since it is    more powerful than all the energies, it can act against the gravitational force of the earth and goes up. 

Garima: By this exercise a light object can be made heavy several times its weight. A fifty kilogram object can be placed in one end of the weighing scale and even if you place a quintal of weight on the other weighing scale it will not tip in favour of scale bearing a quintal of weight. When the conscience of the light object is directed to act downward this event takes place. 

 Mahima: Magnifying a small object. One can make a small object look very big. A small rock becomes a mountain. This is possible by making the atoms of a small object or rock to expand through the mind force. The atoms that makeup the small object or rock expands and appears very big. This is the fact behind ‘viswa roopa’ we read in puranas. 

Vasithvam:  To make one acquire whatever objects he desires to acquire. We have explained the method to achieve this in our earlier chapter. 

Prakamyam: By mere desire to achieve a thing one can achieve it. If the mind is made to function deeply as desired, the desired thing will be achieved.

Esithvam: The power to direct, whether it be a man or animal according to one’s wish. It is a process of influencing the mind of man or animal and make them act as one likes. 

Prapthi: We have explained earlier in our chapter how to attain whatever we want to attain.

Dear readers! Do you now agree that all the siddhis of yoga are done by the mind. I would request the readers to turn their mind from the illusory world and channelise it towards spiritualism to attain the goal of life.

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