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Dr. Pranav

About Pranav Swasta Stanam™

Pranav Swasta Stanam™ is a centre offering spiritual courses focussing on spiritual development and therapies for holistic health.

The patients are treated through reiki, Tibetan yoga exercises and alternative therapies. All types of diseases are treated here and the course of treatment lasts for ten days or ten sittings and on no account more than 30 sittings. If the illness persists, mystic exercises are given, in order to ascertain whether the patient is suffering from diseases due to his karmic effect. With the consent of the patient, past life therapy is given through regression method. As the treatment is totally based on bio-magnetic field of the patient, a thorough knowledge is given to the patient about the nature of reiki treatment and an undertaking is also obtained before launching the course of treatment. For instance, Dr. Pranav says, if a man meets with an accident and injures a part of his body, it is not the affected part alone that suffers but the entire bio-magnetic or energy field of his body.

About Dr. B.P. Pranav Ph.d

Consultant – Alternative Therapies, Holistic Healer & Cosmic Energy Specialist

  • Pranav Swasta Stanam is founded by Dr. B. P. Pranav on 3rd May 2009.
  • Get Cured is a brand created by Dr. B. P. Pranav
  • Doctor of Honours – Alternative Medicine (IPU, Germany 2019)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicines [Ph.D (A.M.)] (OIUAM 2018)
  • Apart from MCA and MBA degrees from Madurai Kamaraj University, he holds a degree in Bachelor of Alternate Science of Medicine (BASM) and Doctor of Medicines in Alternative Medicine M.D (A.M).
  • Dr. B.P. Pranav is a Class-A Registered Medical Practitioner in Alternative Medicines RMP (AM) (Registration No. A-31836) under the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata.
  • Before entering into Alternative Therapies, Dr. B. P. Pranav has 10 years of experience in the Sales & Marketing Divisions at various industries like Electronic Industry(Manager), Mobile Industry (Connect Manager), Insurance Industry (Unit Manager), Club Industry (District Manager) and Banking Industry (Manager – Strategic Alliance).
  • From the year 1995, he is practicing Gayathri Sadana and Sri Vidya Sadanas. In 2017 he was ordained with the Sri Gayathri Yogi title.
  • He has been practicing Reiki Healing, Tibetan Yoga, Raja Yoga, Vipassana and other Buddhist Meditation Techniques since 2004, Alternative Therapies from 2008 and conducting workshops in Meditation and Spiritual Practice since 2010.
  • Dr. B. P. Pranav was ordained as Sramanera with the name of Ven. Sanghapala and was leading a monastic life for the period from 10.07.2009 to 22.07.2009 under the preceptorship of Dr. Bhikkhu Bodhipala the Vibarathipathy, Dharmavijaya Maha Vihara Trust, Kuthadampatti 625218.
  • He has meditated in various highly spiritual places like Buddha Gaya, Varanasi (Kashi), Saranath, Solingar Hills, Tirupathi, Pothigai Malai, Palani, Mukthinath, Manasarovar, Mt. Kailash and various Sakthi Pidams and also has done Parikrama at Mt. Kailash to receive the spiritual energies to create unique cosmic healing methodology.
  • Practitioner of Tai chi and Qigong since 2013.
  • Dr. B.P. Pranav is a secretary for Atma Gnana Yoga Sabha of Dr. Pandit G. Kanniah Yogi since 2011.
  • Dr. B.P. Pranav is a Research and Development Director of Organization for Research on Delta Physics (ORDP) since 2013.

Dr. B. P. Pranav Ph.D holds the additional qualifications in Alternative Medicines:

  • Diploma in Magneto Therapy (DMT)
  • Diploma in Homeopathy and Bio-Chemistry (DHBC)
  • Diploma in Nature Cure (ND)
  • Certification in Bach Flower Remedies
  • Certification in Acupressure Therapy
  • Certification in Vedic Healing
  • Certification in Feng Shui
  • Certification in Vedic Astrology
  • Reiki Master
  • Siddha Maruthuva Pandit


Write to Dr. B.P. Pranav

Hard to believe it?

At the first instance anyone who hears Dr. Pranav’s stories might find it a little hard to believe. Especially in an age when spiritual “quacks” are all over the place in a bid to make money.

Moreover, rationality and modern science has conditioned our minds to view traditional forms of healing with skepticism, even disdain. However, Pranav maintains that there is science in spiritual healing and that the processes used in these techniques can be explained logically.

“Modern medicine will only target the affected part of the body to heal the injury, but this is often not sufficient. As a result the health problems associated with the damage to the body will return in other forms so long as the bio-magnetic field is not restored to its normal frequency,” says Dr. Pranav.

Explaining further, he says that every human being emits energy from his body and that this energy has the power to influence thoughts and behaviours. In ordinary parlance, we call this ‘vibes’.

Psychic healing techniques take into account the ‘vibes’ of a person and when this is set in order they gets cured. It may surprise readers to hear this but Pranav says even deadly diseases like cancer can be cured using Reiki, but when a person progresses to an advanced stage of the disease it becomes too complicated to be set right. “Whether you believe it or not, most diseases, including cancer, are born in the mind, not the body,” he says.

Get Cured offers simple solutions to people suffering from various ailments. “Listening to specific sounds can help restore a person’s disturbed energy channel to its normal path and create a healing effect,” says Pranav. Visitors are welcome to explore the various options provided in the site to help them heal themselves. Perhaps readers familiar with the Bible may recall the proverb: “Physician heal thyself.” Get Cured offers people a chance to cure their own illnesses and lead a life of holistic well-being.

‘I strive sincerely to bring the goodness of alternative therapies to you, and I wish that you will embrace this respectable system of medicine’

– Dr. B.P. Pranav

‘The best six doctors that no one can deny are: Exercise, Diet, Water, Sunshine, Rest and Air.’