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Easy Achievements Through Mind

Some who read this book have been able to know the facts stated therein may have a doubt whether they may be able to achieve them through the various practices – whether they have the required time at their disposal or the congenial atmosphere. We wish to tell the readers that by following the instructions given in the book one can achieve many benefits. One will get divine knowledge and he can even change the seasons on the earth. What is required is deep-rooted interest and untiring effort to achieve the results.

The present day common man is unable to put into practice all that we have enumerated. On that score one should not rush to the conclusion that the various results stated in this book as a result of following the instructions contained therein are not practical. They are practical and can be achieved with effort. However, we give below a few excercises or instructions by following which one can achieve benefits in one’s profession, family betterment, material benefits etc.

When you get a thought about something you immediately want to see it; If you hear about a thing you want to go there. Suddenly you feel like going to a place and you go or see a hotel board and are tempted to have snacks and coffee. These are daily events happening in one’s life. Do not act as the mind directs. By doing things which are the result of thoughts suddenly rising in our minds, we become victims of fate.

Whenever thoughts come to you, do not act accordingly. Ponder over the thoughts; find out analytically whether it is essential to act accordingly and then act. Whether by following the thoughts you will meet with loss or difficulty and then if it is beneficial only act accordingly. We sometimes go out for some purpose but on the way we see some cinema advertisement and go to the picture leaving aside the job for which we were going. Is it sensible to act like this? So begin to act only after studying your thoughts and coming to a conclusion that it may be beneficial. You will avoid many circumstances that will cause you harmful effects, by following good habits you can avert the evil effects of karma. This is the first step we teach you which can be of great use to you and can be easily followed.

Next, we will teach some methods by following which you can even get divine knowledge (intuition). When you begin doing a thing, pose a question to yourself whether it will bring in beneficial effects? If the answer is in the affirmative, plunge into the act. If you get a negative answer you can remain without doing the job, the best thing is to not do to it. It is likely in the initial stages that you may commit errors. You may preconceive such a course of action which will bring you success or failure. Keep a note of what all you do and observe whether the things turn out to be as you wished. If things work out according to your wish, then be rest assured that you are on the road to progress on the mind power and the use of it.

If you keep practicing in this manner, in course of time you will be able to get an answer to the question whether a particular medicine will cause good effects or bad effects, whether you can trust a particular person or not, whether you can succeed in the new business or not. From what has been elucidated, you can mould your life and make it prosperous. You can be a new man who can know your future.

We have explained earlier how the bodily actions take place due to mind and environments. Now we explain a method which will bring beneficial effects if you use your mind properly. Before you part-take the food, be in the state that the food you eat will do you good. The food will get charged with mental power to confer you with beneficial effects. Really you will begin feeling healthy. When you are lying down or in a fully relaxed state think that you are going to sleep and that it will give you good strength and energy. You will not only sleep well but also get strength and energy. This is the secret behind the habit of praying before eating or before commencing a thing. If you know yourself you need not pray to any divine being to get beneficial effects. So follow the above instructions daily with deep interest, you will be really a divine being.

Every day on waking up, keep suggesting that only good will happen today and all acts will be successful. In course of time this thought will lead you to a very successful career. Whenever you commence a job, think with deep feeling and force that it will bring in success. When you go to meet a person, think that he is going to agree to your wish and will co-operate with you. If you have knowledge of mantras say them before commencing a job. Gradually you will find the mind force dormant in you working and you will be successful wherever you go.

Always give a positive suggestion when you commence a job. When you go to sleep keep the positive suggestions in the mind and also repeat them through your mouth slowly. As time passes you will be a witness to some happenings which you never imagined and will give you beneficial effects. Many have practiced this method in the world and have been benefited. This is called the auto-suggestion. If one practices this correctly, he will be able to achieve very great things. Since auto-suggestions work directly on the sub-conscious mind the results are achieved very quickly.

– By Dr. Pandit G Kanniah Yogi

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