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Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions which will help visitors understand this form of healing better.

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Holistic healing is about taking a holistic approach towards body, mind & soul. It is a treatment for imbalances and choosing to live a more balanced lifestyle.

Some people are skeptical as they are ignorant about Alternative Medicine and have not experienced its benefits.

Alternative Therapy is a method used to treat a person holistically (Body, Mind & Soul) to cure diseases, without using allopathic methods.

Alternative Therapy gives you a perfect balance of 5 elements, 7 chakras and 5 layers of the body. This balance gives you calm thoughts, positive energy, mindfulness, pure conduct, right living, vigilant and disease-free Body, Mind & Soul with a perfect peaceful life.

Get Cured provides optimal wellness through holistic healthcare using Alternative Therapy for Body, Mind & Soul along with well-being exercises. It offers you high quality care, during and after your treatment, that you have a good experience of tranquility, peace, calmness, sound mind, and good health. It also relieves specific symptoms with no side effects.

In the first appointment, the registration process will be done and complete knowledge about Alternative Therapy and about the organization (Pranav Swasta Stanam) will be given. We completely hear out your problem, diagnose it and finally suggest appropriate remedies. With you and your guardian’s approval, we will start the therapy.

Yes. Kindly bring your medical reports.

We suggest you take the first 3 continuous sessions without fail and depending on your improvement further sessions will be advised.