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about us

Pranav Swasta Stanam (PSS) is a centre of Alternative Therapies for Physical and Mental Ailments and focusing on therapies for holistic health. And also PSS is offering Body, Mind well-being exercises and spiritual courses for spiritual development.

The Vision of Pranav Swasta Stanam (PSS) is to promote optimal wellness by providing holistic healthcare through alternative therapy and exercises for the body and mind.

The basic goal of Pranav Swasta Stanam (PSS) is to improve your general health and provide remedies for ailments for specific symptoms with no side effects.

PSS aims to create awareness among people about healthy lifestyle through ancient therapies (Alternative Therapies) and develop a sound mind and good health in them.

Pranav Swasta Stanam (PSS) intends to help and treat all clients to the best of its ability. We strive to bring together a unique, multi-disciplined approach in helping you find better balance in body and mind.

PSS wishes to offer you high quality care during and after your treatment. We assure you a good experience of tranquility, peace, calmness, sound mind, good health and overwhelming relaxation which aids in coping with your busy life that many of us lead nowadays.

PSS provides multi platforms (website/app/phrase) to reach out to the world and benefit those who may not be able to visit the healing centre in person, however, will benefit from the unique healing method that we offer.

About ‘Get Cured’ Logo
  • Four Colours
    • Green: healing and prosperity
    • Grey: sufferings and ailments (as it appears in the Aura)
    • Red: the spiritual power
    • White: purity and well-being.
  • The logo has a human body sitting in Meditative Aasana with 5 element symbols and three leaves behind it.
    • 3 leaves represent the body, mind and soul.
    • The Meditative Aasana represents the balance of all 5 elements

    • The balance of all 5 elements gives you calm thoughts, energy, mindfulness, pure in conduct, right living, vigilant and a disease-free body, mind & soul. This can be attained through Alternative Therapies.
  • The colour in the text “Getcured” shows the transformation from suffering to well-being. And the text below, “holistic rejuvenation”, means a total cure through Alternate Therapies.
Social Responsibility
  1. Pranav Swasta Stanam (PSS) conducts New Moon Pooja – Moksha Deepam regularly for Pithrus to recover people from their worries and hurdles.
  2. PSS also conducts Full Moon Pooja – Gayathri Siddha Sadana, Pooja and Sabdharishi Mandalam – lighting 108 Lamps to help people succeed in their life and business etc.,
  3. Agni Hotram is done every day to purify the air around us.

May all the merits accrued from my deeds through healing be dedicated to my Guru Dr. Pandit G Kanniah Yogi, Shambhala Gurus, Rishis, Siddhars, Reiki Guides, Buddhist Monks, Medicine Buddha, Celestial Beings, Deities and to the Cosmos.

I have created the system in a way whether I am alive or not, my service to humanity and Nature will be available till its Extinct.

‘Thanks Divine’

– Dr. B.P. Pranav

‘The best six doctors that no one can deny are: Exercise, Diet, Water, Sunshine, Rest and Air.’