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Mind & Body

The functioning of one’s mind has a great say in the bodily health of a person. We see in daily life that even though a man takes nutritious diet but keeps on worrying, he will not be healthy. The converse of this is true. If a healthy man is accosted by all his friends (separately) that why he is going down in health day by day, he will lose his health, because he is made to believe that he is losing health. (Otherwise all his friends will not express the same opinion about his health). This makes believe statement gets implanted in his mind. Similarly, if we make a man believe that the food what he ate is poisoned, even though the food is not actually poisoned, all the symptoms of poisoning will get generated in his body. If a man is made to believe that a snake has bitten him (even though only a rope has been placed there) he will develop snake poison effects in his body. The converse of it is also true. Suppose someone is falsely informed that he has been poisoned and when he is going through the pangs of poison effect, if we make him vomit and throw an object in it without his knowledge and tell him that the poison has come out, he will become alright.

Instances are in plenty in the world where people have been cured on account of strong belief. For example a woman with a tumor in the womb was administered anesthesia and bandaged. When she regained consciousness she was shown a bloodstained cotton ball and was made to believe that her tumor was removed and that she would be alright. In a few days without actually any surgery being performed on her she was alright. By merely administering plain sugar – water to a tumor patient saying that it was a special drug imported from a specialized foreign agency, the tumor was cured.

We will later on explain certain exercises where auto – suggestion can be practiced and implanting good thoughts, all by himself in one’s mind, one can lead a healthy life for a long time.

Students of hypnotism know how the mind works. If we hypnotise a person and say that a big carbuncle (boil) will appear tomorrow on his back, it will appear on his back the next day. Now from what we have explained you will be convinced that the cause for good health, longevity, ill health, good character, beauty, ugliness, etc., is the mind. It is an Upanishad proverb which runs as follows, “One who does not know what is death will not “die”, a healthy body is a sign of healthy mind and vice versa.

– By Dr. Pandit G Kanniah Yogi

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