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Mind Power

We have earlier explained that mind is a subtler object and not physical. Let us attempt to know another aspect of mind power. Mind can be called an aspect of all pervasive conscience and intelligence. We should know the difference the mind. Let us take a toy operated by mechanical power. It cannot perceive a thing and act according to the ever – changing conditions. It will stop if there is an obstruction in its path. Take for example an electric train – if a cow or a man crosses the line it will not, all by itself slow down, halt and then proceed when the obstruction is removed or cleared. The driver of the train can only control the electric energy by reducing the speed of the train and bringing it to a half to avoid an accident. Thus the help of a man who is endowed with intelligence is needed to control all physical energies. The physical energies have to be controlled and channelized in the required direction to achieve beneficial results from them; otherwise an uncontrolled energy will go without direction and cause more harm than good. If a rocket is sent to the space and it is not properly directed, it will go haywire and its chances of falling on the earth causing heavy damage to human lives and properties are very great. Take for example, salvaging of falling satellite. Had it not been salvaged it would have caused great harm crashing on earth.

All living things do have intelligence and with its help it is able to search the right type of food at the right time in the right manner and are able to survive. Every cell in the human body has this element of intelligence. On account of constant research proof, Dr. Einstein found out that in atoms there is a similar power like the mind power of man. The spiritualists say that God creates, sustains and destroys the Universe. HE is all pervasive consciousness and boundless intelligence.

We often carry out an action knowing whether the consequences of such action are beneficial or harmful. If the actions of man has no reasoning, orderliness either in his speech or action we call him a mad man. Therefore, mind, is the embodiment of intelligence. If one is told to deliver a particular object to a person; living in another town and give him also the address of that person; he will find out the address of the person and deliver the object to that person. Similarly if we request him to buy a particular fruit from a particular place he will find out the place and get the fruit. Further when a man is told to cause physical harm to a particular person, he will do it. From these examples it cannot be said only the physical body of the man was involved in the action. It is the intelligence in man which acted in this manner to achieve the goal.

For a moment let us assume that those persons who were told to deliver an object to a particular person, to buy fruits as said earlier, to cause harm to a particular person, have no physical bodies. Their minds have been commanded to do the jobs enlisted above; the mind will transform itself into those chain of actions but will not be able to carry out those actions without the physical body.

Mind cannot influence all by itself the physical object; but it can only act through the objects with the similar mind force i.e. atom. If we create a thought-force or implant a thought that the evil thoughts in one has to be removed; the mind will definitely function as directed. Here lies the secret of mind power. If we direct the mind with strong will power to do a thing, it will begin to function by finding out what thoughts should arise in a particular person at what time and through them, the object or the directed thing can be achieved. The intelligence aspect of mind functions within and outside the body. The physical energies can perform its functions, only through the intelligence aspect of the man.

Essential requirement to achieve any results through mind is the extreme control and strength of will. In the next chapter let us see how the thoughts that arise in one’s mind travel long distances and creates thoughts in the particular person and thereby achieve its object.

– By Dr. Pandit G Kanniah Yogi

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