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The Healing Phrase

Ancient Methodology for Energizing Yourself.

When you repeat this phrase your body and mind will get energized using Cosmic Energy.

Benefits of self-energizing phrase

  • The flow of energy will relax you and calm your mind
  • It will relieve you of any mild pain or tiredness
  • Helps overcome stress
  • Provides instant energy

Instructions to practice:

  • Sit in any Aasana or in a chair
  • Select a very quiet and calm place
  • Please switch off your phone or other electronic devices
  • Place your palms open on your thighs facing upwards
  • Close your eyes
  • Bring your concentration between your eyebrows
  • Recite the above phrase 3 times
  • Watch your breath for 3-7 minutes
  • You need not concentrate or observe anything
  • If you are unable to watch your breath, please remain calm
  • You should take 1 hour gap before attempting next time

Special instructions:

  • Before starting, analyze yourself whether you have any discomfort, pain or tiredness so that you can feel the difference after the session.
  • Do not judge during the process of healing time 3-5mins.
  • No side effects, no habit forming.
  • Do not change the phrase.
  • Energy will be received according to their requirement to get energized.
  • It will not overdose.

How to feel the energy?

You will notice one or more of the following:

• A tingling sensation on your palms and head
• Breathing pattern will come down to 14-18 cycles per minute
• Any mild pain in the body will get healed
• Mind relaxation
• After few minutes, there will be better focus in your activities.

Energy flow from the cosmos to you will be disconnected after the 7th minute from the time of you recited the phrase. It will be in your pranic layer for the minimum of 3 hours. You can do this anywhere in this world.

How to check your energy levels?

• You can use pendulum. Check before and after telling this phrase.
• You can use any energy measuring devices.

When you can practice?

When you feel tired, headache (not for hunger headache), mild body pain. And you can practice twice a day (morning & night) to keep you energetic. You can even practice this when you are travelling (not driving).

How it is created?

It works in the same way when you chant a mantra. When you chant different mantras you get different energies and benefits. It was created by ancient
Rishis & Siddhas for the benefits of humankind. More or less the same method is used for creating this phrase.

Note: This is not an affirmation where you have to repeat a sentence again & again for your subconscious mind to accept.

How it works?

Your name acts as a sim card to receive this energy. It is a tailor-made healing energy flows from the cosmos to energize you. The person next to you will not feel the energy. But your pranic layer expands minimum of 3 feet.

Who can feel the energy easily?

Healers, meditators, energy practitioners and those who are into another spiritual path. For others, they have to practice this for at least 3 times so that their pranic layer get cleansed and then they can feel it.