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Therapy Methods

The interest in Alternative Therapy has increased during the past decade and the attitude of the general Public is mainly positive, but the debate about the clinical effectiveness of the therapy remains controversial among many medical Professionals. Pranav Swasta Stanam (PSS) is going to give a conclusion to all the controversial debates.

Pranav strongly believes that healing techniques like Tibetan Reiki can transform a person’s life completely. He, in fact, cites his own life as an instance of how Buddhist healing methods can help a person turn from an inspiration seeking individual to an inspiration-giving individual.

Get Cured offers simple solutions to people suffering from various ailments. Listening to a piece of sound can help restore a person’s disturbed energy channel to its normal path and create a healing effect. Visitors are welcome to explore the various options provided in the site to help them heal themselves.

Get Cured offers people a chance to cure their own illnesses and lead a life of holistic well-being.