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Advanced Celestial Healing

Your foundational celestial healing journey has equipped you with the skills to channel healing energy and foster well-being. Are you ready to delve deeper, refine your techniques, and unlock new realms of healing potential? Advanced Celestial Healing Level 1 awaits.

This 16-hour workshop, designed specifically for graduates of our Foundational Celestial Healing program, empowers you to expand your knowledge and practice. We revisit and solidify the core principles while introducing advanced techniques that elevate your effectiveness as a healer.

Exploring Advanced Techniques

Drawing Cosmic Energy: Learn to harness the potent energy of the cosmos, amplifying your healing ability and effectiveness. Discover advanced practices for channeling and directing this powerful force for optimal results.

Acquire Proficiency in Advanced Aura Protection: Expand your knowledge of the aura and its essential function in preserving health. Discover cutting-edge methods to shield, fortify, and purify your personal aura from negativity and energy loss.

Developing Your Practice: Through group discussions, hands-on activities, and guided meditations, hone your current techniques. Get individualized feedback from knowledgeable teachers to enhance your precision, self-assurance, and healing touch.

Benefits Beyond Technique

Who Should Attend

This workshop is ideal for you if you:

  • Have completed the Foundational Celestial Healing program and seek to advance your skills.
  • Desire to explore advanced techniques like drawing cosmic energy and advanced aura protection.
  • Are committed to deepening your healing ability and expanding your knowledge.
  • Want to connect with like-minded individuals and build a supportive community.

Putting money into your cosmic healing path is an investment in both your career and personal growth. This program gives you the skills and information you need to become a more competent and self-assured healer, provide a greater range of healing services to suit a variety of needs, expand your understanding of spirituality, and profoundly improve the well-being of both yourself and other people.

Accompany us on this life-changing adventure. To reach the next level of your healing abilities, sign up for Advanced Celestial Healing Level 1 now!



Advanced Celestial Healing

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