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YOGA OF MIND – 10. Mind and Astrology

The science of astrology is based on previous “Karmas” and its ways of functioning has been explained in chapter 9. But it functions slightly in a different way. Let us say that good luck or bad luck were to happen to a man through the planetary influences, the respective planets have to induce the required good and bad thoughts to enable one to get beneficial or bad effect through to enable one to get beneficial or bad effect through his mind and by following the thoughts that arise in him he does those acts good or bad which will beget him good or bad effects. It is thus clear that even the planets have to act through the mind of man to bestow him with good or bad effects. 

 The man has to learn a great hidden secret of mind power. Man does not only experiences the previous birth’s “karmas” but also experiences the “Karma” of present birth.  

It is known fact that fire will cause burn. But if one were to test the same and touch fire, his finger will be burnt and he has so suffer the consequences. This is not pertaining to the experiences of the past but that of the present. 

Man experiences the effects of present “karma” more than the ones affecting him on account of past experiences. These experiences cause him more harm than good. As we have already discussed, seen all acts have to function through one’s mind. The present good or bad effects occur to him due to his good or bad thoughts. The science of astrology takes cognizance of this fact also. 

Some of the present day astrologers are approached by some anxious people to know about their uncertain future. Some of the so-called astrologers are not accurate in their predictions and some of them do not know the rudiments of astrology. Such astrologers create unnecessary panic in the minds of the consultants by saying that the consultant is having a very bad period according to the planetary positions and that can be warded off by wearing a special ‘talisman’ prepared  by him. The gullible public believe such fake astrologers and not only incur heavy expenditure in procuring such ‘talisman’ and charms but also unconsciously get the though imbedded in their sub-conscious mind that evil days are in store for them and start brooding over the same. These people experiences untold sufferings, avoidable and unnecessary evil effects. If they had not consulted such half – baked astrologers they would have never suffered.

We, however, should not conclude on the basis of the above prediction that astrology is totally a false science which cannot be believed. Astrology is a science which predicts correctly what will happen if properly studied and predicted by one who has properly-mastered the art. But to-day such scientific astrologers are few and far between. If one gets the right predications from a learned astrologers, he can be benefitted from the predictions by talking suitable corrective steps. My view is that is better not to consult an astrologer unless he is cent percent learned one. 

We know how the half-baked astrologers predictions enter one’s mind, take deep roots and cause good or bad experiences. If an astrologer were to predict that according to one’s planetary positions that he would suffer and the concerned individual does not brood over it and thinks about good strongly, the evil effects of influence of planets cannot affect him. Only if one gives room to the planets to implant their ideas in the mind, they will be in a position to act. A strong willed man with sterling character and having full control over his mind will not be influenced by the planets to a great extent. But what we see is the common man who is unable to have a strong will and control his mind. It is possible to achieve strength of will and mind control by following the exercises we will be imparting through our lessons. One should practice them untiringly and sincerely, then success will knock at his doors. He can win over “karmas” (planetary influences) and his fate and shape his life in the manner he desires and lead a great life.

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