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YOGA OF MIND – 11. Mind and God

From time immemorial it has been an unshakable belief that in between man and the world he lives in, there is God who always does good to him. Of late, a school of thought has been denouncing such belief and announce openly that there is no God. However, many are not carried away by this school of thought. The ample testimony for existence of God is many worshipping places and prayer halls, orders of faith propagating etc. HIS existence is felt by means of prayer meetings, prayers in temples, churches and mosques to shower benefit on humans and also the various spiritual and religious literatures on the subject. If there were to be no positive effects, all the above cannot last long. We hear of many miracles and incurable diseases cured by faith and prayer.  

Prayers can cure any disease, can make a man attain unlimited source of wealth, health, and can win over untimely death. Instances are not wanting where poor have become rich, and those who have out lived the age predicted by the astrologers.  

Before explaining how to get HIS grace we must understand what is behind the rituals? How to go about and where to find it? We will first explain how the beneficial acts come to a man. God, if he wants to shower His grace, does not place before a man a bundle of currency notes, or a big block of gold or send them through a messenger by post parcel. He only induces those thoughts by transforming it into action, a man will be able to attain wealth. Whatever be the act, the thought arises in the mind of the man and it is through the mind good or bad effects are conferred on man. 

Be it that God is favourable or unfavourable; man by his own prayer to God acquires benefits to himself. The various methods of prayer etc., are tailored to create a belief in him. A man’s lifestyle’s depends on his mental makeup.  If this belief cannot be instilled in man straightaway, it is done through various religious rituals, prayers and other dictums to be followed by him. When one prays to God for wealth, his mind transforms into wealth, if a man deeply prays for a sustained period he meets with success. Similarly prayer to cure one’s illness, prayer to remove one’s difficulties are heeded. One who prayes without devotion and concentration will not achieve his prayer however long he may pray. In short, a man who prays for a sustained period will achieve his object of his prayer within a short time. 

The power of mantras, divine-force etc., are nothing but mind’s transformation. How true are the words of the ancient “seers” when they said “I am Brahma”. “I am the Universe in the form of Brahma.” Man through untiring practice kindles the latent God force in him and achieves all benefits. Due to the fact that he is enveloped in all illusory world, he is not able to know that he is an element of God. Deep concentration and prayers enable him to kindle the God-force in him. If we go to a tank, we find that the top is covered by moss, once the moss is cleared the water beneath is crystal clear and we see what is underneath the water. We are like the tank being covered with moss.

The latent God-force is kindled from within oneself and it does not come from outside. The mind is the cause for the state in which the man who considers a tool in the hands of fate and only through prayer. God would come to his rescue. The words “GOD THOUGHT” (Somanyata) “GOD SAW” are only like man’s one aspect of mind which is again an aspect of God. The world, the Universe, is the thought form of God and He can withdraw the thought force when He wants and allow it to last when He likes. This is the view of our ancient seers. Therefore, we can conclude mind is God, and one aspect of mind is illusion, another aspect is intelligence and yet another aspect is Grace. Let us the understand and believe that mind if God.

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