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YOGA OF MIND – 13. Mind and the Environment

“Man proposes God disposes”. One wants to plan his life to be happy but unexpectedly he meets with disappointment and misery. One buys a thing thinking it will be good but it turns out to be bad. Sometimes when we want to help deserving people, we are forced to help some people who do not deserve that help. Thus we notice in life, some are favoured by luck and others are dogged by ill-luck. Those who attribute “karma” to this state of affairs are those who do not know how “karma” functions. 

The environments that surround the man are a true replica of the state of his mind at that moment. A man who keeps guarding his wealth is always afraid that it may be stolen by someone. Constant brooding over it, will cause illusions asthough someone has come to rob him. If the same thought force gains strength by constant thinking about theft aspect, the thought force is likely to get into the thought stream of a thief nearby and he may attempt to steal.  

Similarly a man with wavering mind travels, he may meet with an accident or some unpleasant incident. A man who thinks strongly about becoming rich will become rich one day. One who has faith in Lord that he will be cured of illness that is considered incurable by doctors will be cured. In short, a deep rooted faith will bring in the desired results through prayer. There is a great saying – “you reap as you sow”.

How the different transformation of mind will cause varied chemical and physiological changes is found in the study of mental science. Not being aware of this fact, many say that though they thought only good aspects, bad effects came to them. When we think ill of others our mind transforms itself in that state and the effect of that thinking will be that we suffer. That is why our elders have been advising us not to think of evil of befalling even to our enemies also. 

While concluding the chapter let us draw a definite and infallible conclusion that beneficial or ill effects that come to a man is due to his own mental makeup. Therefore let us think of beneficial thoughts.

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