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YOGA OF MIND – 14. Science of Mind’s Creation

We analysed earlier that whatever the man does through his words, and through his physical body, is done by the mind or through the mind. If we give a ball of clay to a doll-maker, he will make an idol of God in no time. Suppose it is given to someone else, he will not be able to make God’s idol out of it. Why? Because the steps of thought forms in making God’s idol is not present in him, and therefore, he is unable to direct his hands through his brain to form or cast that particular God’s idol. 

When addition sums are given, the teacher asks what is the quotient of two and four. The pupil adds in his mind and says it is six. As already seen, all big inventions first arise in the mind, be it scientific or engineering. The spiritualists say, that all creations in the world arise in God’s mind and functions through the man’s mind and takes a final shape. This is called the power of the mind to create a desired thing.

The yogis and spiritualists found out another fact. If a man can think deeply about a thing and give life or induct desire-force into it, it can materialise by gathering the required atoms in space and become alive. For e.g. If one were to strongly think about a cat and induce life-force into it, the atoms in the space that are required to create a cat will form together and a cat with life will be materialised. We find testimony to this fact in puranic (ancient) occurrences where fresh soldiers emerge when the soldiers die in battle. Mere thinking about the physical aspect of cat will not materialise cat; One should know the chemical, physical, physiological aspects, mental aspects and its character. If the cat so concentratedly thought about is given life-force, it will not only materialise but also come to life. Yogis have materialised in this manner many new things and vegetation and they have joined the stream of natural life on earth. Now we see how powerful is the mind-force.

Those who know the secrets of mind power eventhough they may not undergo yogic training can their use mind to get gains from it. We will give below a few true instances in some people’s life, whereby they have achieved what they desired. 

  1. A lady wanted to plant some rare kinds of roses not available in her country. She always kept on deeply thinking about it and wanted them at any cost. In this state of her mind, it transformed itself into that varieties of rose plants and the thought form began to materialise. One fine day when she went to the beach, to her surprise those very rose plants were washed ashore. She was immensely pleased in bringing them home and planting them or brought by his friend.
  2. A member of our Ashram was undergoing training. His brother was well to do and was running a taxi business. He also wanted to become like his brother. He deeply began to meditate (materialise) on how to acquire taxis and run the business successfully. In course of time he established “Vel Taxis” company and he is running the concern very successfully.
  3. A young girl wanted to marry a man with certain ideas and character of her liking. She followed our methods of thought control and achieved what she desired. 


One who knows how the mind functions will be able to create or materialise any matter available in the world. Yogis and Seers of ancient lore created things through this mind power, even those that did not exist in the world. 

We will unravel a method in this book by teaching how to channelise mental force to achieve one’s just desire. Our students who have followed our instructions have achieved what they wanted in their lives and are extremely happy. May you also benefit by reading the instructions and following them meticulously. First requisite for controlling the mind is to visualise the object and desire to achieve and make it stay for a long time in one’s mind. If one learns concentration it will be sufficient. Once one masters “concentration,” then make it stay in the mind for a sufficiently long time; be rest assured that you have achieved the power to acquire the thing you desire to possess. The practical exercise must be done with full feeling and desire as though you have really achieved it. It is unfortunate the present day men are fully engrossed in this illusory world and lead a stressful life without achieving the goal for which they came into this world. 

We must know and understand the functioning of the mind-   power to fully grasp how things remaining in any part of the world can be got in any manner by mental force.

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