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YOGA OF MIND – 16. The Secret of thought Waves

Power wherever-whatever way it acts, functions only in the form of waves. The frequency and force with which the waves occur, causes the variation in power and strength. Light, heat, electricity, magnetism, atomic power and all kinds of power have the same kind of origin but its functions vary because of the variation in the speed of the waves. When the speed of the waves of the above said energies increases or decreases, the energies also become different energies. The entire universe is the composition of waves. According to the Vedas, as said by it “Samudrathar Vathathi Samvatsaro Ajayatha”. The meaning is the rotation of the earth was caused by the waves. God is nothing but the high frequency of the waves of energy. God is Universe. As the frequency of waves of energies increases or decreases the state of various objects change and new objects come into being. This is the essence of “Sarvam Brahma Mayam”.

The intelligence aspect of mind also functions in the form of waves. When we say that the mind force increases, we know as a consequence the mind force waves also increases and their frequency also increase. It can be compared to different frequencies in our audio or video waves. Generally when the mind thinks in its normal way it functions in a particular frequency. When we increase the frequency, it starts acting outside the sphere of the skull of the man. Thus, for the functions of mind power brain, skull, etc., are no barriers.

In each thought wave there is a distinct form of quality and force. As we have already found out that all forms of energies like light, sound, electricity, magnetism and atomic power, are in the form of waves. From the shape of the waves and frequency, we can distinguish each kind of wave as electric waves, sound waves, light waves and atomic waves, if we can draw a chart of waves for different energies.

Since the energy waves differ in shape and frequency, it causes different effects on the object it strikes. When the sound wave strikes us, we know it is sound; when light wave strikes, we know it is light; when taste waves strike, we feel the taste, when heat wave or cold wave strikes us we feel that it is hot or cold. Thus the different qualities of different waves give us different experiences.     

Whether it is big or small, weak or powerful, high frequency or low frequency, the thought waves have distinct form for each kind of thought. From the shape of different thought forms, we can know whether it is a beneficial thought or evil thought, or of anger, fear, jealously, happiness etc. For example anger’s thought form and color will be red; Devotion will be in blue, sacrifice in saffron color, love in light green, affection in green etc. By seeing the color of the thought form through the subtle eye, one can judge the man’s mind. The accident seers knew all about the colour aspect and ways of functioning of man’s mind and the effect it creates on the objects it strikes. Good thoughts of very great force will induce good thoughts on whichever object it strikes.

If beneficial or good thought force is ejected into the atmosphere with great force, it spreads in space and strikes the mind of persons who are receptive to receive that thoughts and they in turn think of good things and charge once again the atmosphere with good thoughts. When the atmosphere is surcharged with good thoughts, only good things will happen.  

It can be compared to audio and video waves and T.V. sets receiving them. If a particular thought in a particular frequency can be ejected into the atmosphere like the T.V. set receiving a particular channel and frequency waves, our minds which are functioning in the same frequency will receive them. Just like the powerful radio or video waves, suppress and dominate over weak radio or video waves, strong mental waves prevail over weak ones. When two stations function on the same video wave frequency, the strong video wave will only be received and gets reflected on our T.V. Screen.    

Similarly strong thought waves suppress weaker ones and cause thoughts in one’s mind; that is why we sometimes unknowingly we think of certain things about which we do not want to think. If strong good thought force is charged into the atmosphere, even the bad people in that area of atmospherical influence will become good and good persons will become more good. 

To sum up, we conclude that the thought force has shape, colour, different characters, variations in its frequencies and can work within the human frame work and also travel far in the atmosphere.

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