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YOGA OF MIND – 17. Mind and Divine Knowledge

We knew about the composition of man. Man’s body grows out of the food he takes and becomes the elements required for the body. Unless elements exist in the outside world to build body, like vegetation, body will not grow. (The transformation of various vegetation and other elements go to make up the body.) The various chemical, physical vitamins proteins, salts and other elements of the body are the ones that have been fed into the body through the intake of food. When a deficiency of a particular element occurs in the body, the body tries to compensate it or we take such food rich in such materials or medicines to make up the deficiency. Therefore, it is clear that the body of the man is composed of transformation of food he takes from outside.

It is the “Pranic” force which converts whatever we eat into cells, tissues and energy required for our body. This pranic force is not in our body. It enters through the air we breath in our lungs and through the purification of blood in the lungs and through the blood steam, energy is supplied to the entire body. The man, therefore, gets his vital oxygen from outside. 

Through breathing only, the required oxygen for the body, nerve energy, gets inducted into one’s body. When we breath in, we exhale carbon disoxide drawn from the impure blood which arrives in the lungs and at the same time the vagus nerves of the lungs absorb the pranic energy present in the air when we inhale and send it to the nerve centers. Those who do not absorb pranic energy and oxygen through breathing become sick in due course and meet with death. The nerve energy required for the man also comes from the outside atmosphere.     

Whatever we have discussed so far may be generally and easily understood by all. But the one we are about to explain henceforth is a bit difficult to understand by the common man. What is required is a calm and analytical way of approaching the subject. Just as the man takes the pranic energy; oxygen for his body from outside atmosphere, he also draws his mind force from outside atmosphere. Food energy, oxygen (pranic) energy, electricity, etc., are available in the space.  We call it as mental ether. 

When one inhales, the inhaled air changes according to the character and quality of the blood. In exhalation process the quantum of carbon – dioxide differs. The food we cat changes according to the bodily requirement. When pranic energy enters in one’s body it changes according to the structure of the nerves. The mental ether when it enters the brain undergoes a change according to the mental status of man then. 

Just like food absorbed into the various organs of the human body, the mental ether gets transformed into individual mind in due course. When we say that it is one’s physical body, we say according to the differences in the make up of external body; but the composition of all physical bodies are basically the same. Likewise when we say about the quality of one’s mind,  the fact remains that all the minds are got from the mental ether but changes according to each one’s character. 

We can believe that the entire universe is pervaded by the mental ether, from the fact that although sun remains million of miles away from the earth, in order that the light (solar rays) from the sun should be able to reach the earth. A medium which is called the luminal ether is present in the space. To carry electromagnetic waves, electro-magnetic ether must be present in the space. Similarly to carry the mental waves there should be mental ether. It is through this ether that mind waves travel long distances and strike the mind of other person. Telepathy only proves that there is mental ether present in the atmosphere.

The pervading of mental ether in the atmosphere is called by the spiritualists and occultists as “God’s Mind” or “Mental Ether”. God who creates sustains and destroys the world, acts through the “Mental ether”.   

We have already seen that only things conceived in the mind takes shape in this world through the physical body. For a lay-man it appears that the physical body does its actions. Before one does a job no one can predict that he can do this job. If one can read the mind of man, he can easily say that he will do this job before he actually does it in physical form. Whatever happens in the world, is predetermined and preplanned by God and it expresses through the mental ether. We, ordinary mortals are unable to predict the natural calamities like earthquake, floods, epidemics etc., We come to know after the event has occurred. But in the mental ether such events are conceived long before their happenings.

If one can able to contact and understand the mental ether he will know the occurrences of past, present and future events. We can call the capacity to know from the mental ether the events that are to happen in future as “intuition”. Instances are replete in our Puranas where the future course of events are predicted. There are many persons living who have the capacity to know what is going to happen in future. 

We not only come to know of the future by establishing contact with God’s mind, but will know some rare truths and also the effects of “karm” on individual beings. Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed Nabi acquired Godliness through this process only.

For the benefit of the readers of this book we are going to explain the various steps through which they can contact God’s mind, so that they may know the future happenings of the world and the future of people about whom they wish to know.  Before explaining, a note of severe warning is given to those who are going to practice this and that they should under no circumstances reveal to the individual person about his future. If, in spite of this warning they dare to do things forbidden by us they will meet with dire consequences. 

First requisite to get divine knowledge is, to keep one’s mind fixed on any object for sufficient length of time. This can be acquired through, concentration and meditation. Keep the thought fixed on a required subject and slowly shift the concentration away from the brain and let it spread in the outside atmosphere and remain in a receptive state. After a while God’s mind will induce the subject’s mind and give solution to the problem so thought of. Then one feels suddenly a thought has occurred to him and he will realise that the solution to the problems is to act in the manner as occurred to him. 

This awareness happens to him because one’s mind is contacting God’s mind. For e.g., video and audio waves are present in the atmosphere when the telecast takes place. We cannot see them unless we switch on the T.V.set on a particular frequency and channel. The T.V. set is in a position to receive frequency of audio, video waves and gives us the sound or picture. This happens if the set is in a receptive state. Similarly our mind must be in a receptive state and our thought waves should function on the same frequency of God’s mind. Now let us pass on to the subject of telepathy in the ensuring chapter.

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