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YOGA OF MIND – 18. The Science of Telepathy

A lady was sitting on the beach in England. She was deeply engrossed in the beauty of the sea shore and her mind was fully occupied in that. Suddenly she apparently heard someone say that her aunt living in Australia wanted to see her. Really her aunt was living in Australia with her sons. One of her sons deeply thought about this lady in question when their mother happened to be in her death bed. In the next morning she got a cable informing the demise of her aunt. She was stunned on receiving the news. Incidents of similar nature do happen and people do not go deep into it. 

The fact behind such incidents are that the thought force with great strength or power arise in a man or woman and these thought waves are capable of travelling long distances and striking the particular person’s mind and arise the thought as originated in the person’s mind. There is a very essential requirement for arising such thought force in the required person’s mind. When such thoughts are sent to them they should not be in deep thinking; their mind must be comparatively free from deep thoughts. Telepathy has occurred between two true lovers or relations. 

Sometimes the dead person’s (living in Astral World) also implant their thoughts in the minds of living persons. In Tirunelveli, (India) a dead person’s son was searching the will left by his father. One day the dead father informed the son by telepathy where the will was. They boy happily go the will.

Any two students who know how to exchange thoughts through telepathy can exchange messages between them; similarly taste, hot and cold smell etc. Like we see the television one can transmit the scenes to another student trained in telepathy.

To practice telepathy a minimum of two people are required. It may be practiced with a group also; but they must be well trained in mind control and must have attained a certain state of mental development as enumerated in earlier chapters. They should be able to visualize clearly in their mind any object and make it stay before their mind’s eye eject it in the atmosphere with sufficient force. They should also be in a position to be in touch with the mental ether or God’s ether. The gateway to this practice is concentration and meditation only. 

Once the students attained a certain stage of mental development as said above, they should synchronise their watches (time) and then communicate to each other. At a particular time they should send their thought force in a form of sceneries, tastes or smell etc. and send them in the atmosphere with force to that person. The other person should remain at that particular time and date in a very receptive state and allow his mind to receive the thought force or waves sent by the other as already arranged. This can be practiced by two or more or by a group. If it is a group, one group should act as transmitting group, the other as receiving group. 

According to the level of development of the various practitioners the things transmitted will be clear or hazy in the minds of the receiver. If you practiced well, you can see in the mind, hear in the mind and taste in the mind clearly. If you have not progressed well in this particular practice, you will feel hazy, and will not be sure about that?

So dear readers practice and progress and realise the truth.

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