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YOGA OF MIND – 21. Materialisation

Many have seen the same yogi present at the same time in many places. We give below an actual case study of materialization. A businessman living at chintadripet, India, went on a business trip to Burma. He was in constant touch with his wife through weekly mail. Suddenly, the wife did not get any replies to the letters mailed to her husband. A great hypnotist by name Shri Devendranath Pandit was also living at Chintadripet. One day the lady came and explained her plight to the hypnotist. 

The hypnotist went into his room and locked himself up for a short time and came out of the room and said that the lady’s husband was having an affair with a Burmese girl in a particular place and that hypnotist explained the whole state of affairs and the plight to him. He then promised that he will also return top India shortly. In the next boat he reached India. The lady’s husband enquired why hypnotist suddenly disappeared after speaking to him at Burma about his wife. The hypnotist merely smiled and said that he had to hurry back on an urgent mission. 

Our puranas are full of such stories. Further in the life of saints like Mahan Sankaracharya, Mahan Ramalingha Adigalar and Jesus Christ such instances are available. From Mahabharat, Vikramaditya’s story and spiritual research one can get many instances of this type. Above all you yourself might have experienced such instances. 

Before we explain further on this subject, I would request you to read chapter 14 of this book. We have explained therein that the mind stands transformed as on object thought of, and if pranic energy can be induced, that object thought of will  materialise and have life also. We have explained in the last chapter about the astral body and how it can be separated from the physical body. 

If one were to read these two chapters side by side, will understand what we are going to explain in this chapter. In the astral body we think of the required places and we also feel like actually being present there. When we transform the mind in concentrated manner, the atoms in the ether will materialise as per our wish. Once there is sufficient denseness in materialization it will appear as through the man is actually present there. It must be remembered such materialization is not physical in nature but subtler. This is the secret behind illusory man, illusions and disappearing before eyes of others. 

How actually illusory materialization takes place? How it is able to talk to people? One has to deeply think about the person to whom he has to talk. Transform the thought waves in the shape of that man, make it stay in the mind, then whatever you wish to talk to him, you have it again deeply think in the mind, then whatever you wish to talk to him, you have it again deeply think in the mind, transform your thought waves and eject them with force in the atmosphere. Give to that thought-force pranic energy. The waves will get in touch with mental ether and create the required sound waves. These sound waves are heard by persons to whom they are meant. This is called the voice from space. The appearance of one is subtler body we call it as illusory appearance of illusory man. 

From what has been said one can easily understand how one can be present and heard in many places.

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