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YOGA OF MIND – 22. Mind and Apparitions

A Lady who knows only Tamil is possessed by a spirit and she speaks in that state, in Telugu. She speaks of things she does not know. How does this happen? People say that she is possessed by a Telugu speaking spirit. Even people with questionable character in the lower strata of society are possessed by some influence and they answer all the questions asked by the gathering and sometimes tells them to do a particular thing and the subject becomes normal again. Whatever one tells during the possessed state comes true generally.

One gets possessed by various spirits and gives answers in different ways to different questioners. The possessed person is able to answer all questioners. The possessed person is able to answer all queries and narrate events with vivid descriptions and most of them happen to be true and also become true. 

In the modern rationalistic world the above incidents continue to happen. Although a section of people call it as untrue there are a few who experience the above incident and begin to analyse. Those who do not analyse are like those who have eyes but do not want to see. We would request the reader of this book of study deeply chapter 6 of this publication to understand the above facts. 

A man with strength can lift the weaker man. A learned man can influence an illiterate and make him act according to his wish.        A man with strong mind can prevail over a man with weak mind and make him act as he wishes. We cannot come to the conclusion that all well educated persons are strong in mind power, they may be weak willed. An ordinary man may explain things a very learned man cannot. Big mathematical problems are solved by some one who has not studied mathematics. We call this type of persons as genius. Whatever be the effect, it must originate from the mind only. 

Mind of a person who is constantly subjected to fear, anguish, worries longing etc., for a long time will become mentally weak. Such weak minds are prevailed upon or dictated by the strong – willed persons or persons whose mind is strong and makes them work according to their desire. 

People who die in accidents and suicides, though they are physically no more, their astral body is covered by dense physical atoms and until they disappear they cannot function free in the astral world. They will neither be in the astral world nor in the physical world. Such people happen to be spirits. Sometimes they appear before humans and we say that we saw the apparitions. 

Apart from the apparitions, some people who die naturally also keep lingering in the physical world without commencing their life in the astral world. Those who have attachment towards their wealth, wife, children and material things are not able to cast them aside after death and they keep on running after them even after death. They only find failure in their attempts. After successive failures to enjoy the wealth etc., in the physical world, they begin to realize that they are not in the physical form. Such persons will get induced by desire forces to enjoy physical things. 

A drunkard will be going round the arrack and the wine shops and will feel the enjoyment of drunkards and attain satisfaction. If the apparition comes across a weak minded drunkard, it will possess him, make him drink beyond limit and enjoy the consequences. The weak minded drunkard gets subjected to the direction of the apparition and will one day ruin his life. If a person who has been of a very good character and wanted to do good spiritual work, dies early without fulfilling his desires he may sometimes act through the weak minded persons and spread the good messages through them. There are many members of our Ashram who have experienced such events.

It is hoped that the readers would have understood what we have said above. We have explained how people are able to read the minds of others. Those who predict by going into trance are able to accomplish their feat according to the above principle. Unfortunately, some have a previous knowledge of the requirements of gathering, act as thought they are possessed and predict something. This kind of acting has brought disgrace to this profession!

Dead people are invoked in séance rooms to know what is in the minds of those people who died. Sometimes the relatives of the dead persons would like to know some things which a dead person has failed to convey some important thing during their lifetime to their relatives. These things are known in the séance rooms by invoking them and making them act through a medium. But even in this séance rooms lot of cheating in prevalent now-a-days! 

The secret of making others mind act is this, that if their minds are weak, the strong willed will implant his thoughts on the weak minded persons and make him act as he wishes. If a strong minded person wants to speak a thing in a manner he desires, he can do it through the mind of a week person. In conclusion, we have to state that one can achieve the above through concentration and meditation.

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