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YOGA OF MIND – 26. Mind and Hypnotism

Hypnotism is an art by which the man’s mind, its functions are studied and make it act according to the wish of the hypnotist. The Chitta viruddhis are modified by this method. A man who has been driving a cycle will, without concentrating on how to drive it, will ride on it automatically as though it is his sixth sense. A stenographer can easily type the shorthand notes without concentrating very much on it. We can go to the house we are accustomed to go even if it is pitch dark. For all these acts the cause behind it is our “Chitta” or sub-conscious mind. According to the experiences made to remain in it, the sub-conscious mind acts. Hypnotism is based on this principle. 

If we can imprint the idea of our in the sub-conscious mind of another person we can make him act as we wish. The process for doing this is to induce human magnetism through his, “agna chakara” and make his mind turn towards his sub-conscious mind and make it act as per our wish or the wish of the hypnotist. 

A hypnotist should have developed his human magnetism very well and should know how to pass it to his patient, through the hypnotist’s eye or hand. A hypnotist will keep giving suggestion repeatedly that his patient is going to sleep, through his magnetic power the patient’s mind will act inward and at the sametime his “chitta” or sub-conscious mind is made to remain fully aware and the suggestion of the hypnotist is made to work. This in short is hypnotism. 

The mind and sub-conscious mind does not work according to the external stimuli but on account of modifications in the sub-conscious mind. When a man comes out of hypnotic state the human magnetism is taken out (that is the induced magnetism of the hypnotist) and the mind and the sub-conscious mind starts acting to the external stimuli. Just as we forget the dream sequences when we wake up, we also forget the sequences that happened in a hypnotic state.

If we implant an idea in a hypnotic patient that a big boil will rise in his hand tomorrow and that it will get cured the next day, the boil will rise in hand on the appointed day and will disappear as on the appointed day. A hypnotized person if he is directed to remember his past lives, the mind and the sub-conscious mind will turn inward and will start knowing his previous births. Similarly if a drunkard is given a suggestion that he will not take to drinks and further, he will stop drinking forthwith. If we stop a bad habit suddenly the resultant bodily disorders will arise but they have to be overcome. Therefore, through hypnotism one gets beneficial as well as unfavorable effects. Since in the present world there are people who are prone to do more harm than good, many countries have enacted laws to prevent practicing hypnotism. 

To sum up, in a hypnotic state the mind, functions inwardly and acts as per the modification of “chitta” or sub-conscious mind. In this state there is no physical orderliness or rule governing its action. That is why some unreasonable acts take place in sub-conscious mind in the hypnotic state. Those character or habits in man which cannot be cured by ordinary methods can be cured by hypnotism.

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