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YOGA OF MIND – 28. Mind and Salvation

If one knows that there is “Ananada” which does not dwindle and lasts for ever, he will never run after changing dwindling pleasure. This was said by Nachiketa to Lord Yama. Man is born not only to enjoy the various pleasures on the earth but to achieve the Bliss (Ananda) beyond the physical barriers. No pleasure on earth will give him happiness once he experiences Bliss. The Rishis and great men of ancient lore lead a simple life with high thinking. Their thoughts were centered round noble ideas, Higher – beings and God. Instances are there where the Kings who ruled a country or the world have forsaken them for a higher life. They have gone to the extent of leaving their kingdom, wife, child etc. 

Those who experienced the state of Bliss could not explain how it was. They became dumb. We cannot say how the sweetness is; one has to taste it and then experience, one can only experience the great happiness of Bliss. The scriptures and spiritual teachings only show the way to experience Bliss. They tell them in different ways. 

Many religious orders and faiths say that the resting place of everlasting happiness or Bliss is God. How to reach God? The various orders and practices are handed down to various people of various orders and religious faiths. Some people belonging to some order propagated the rules and rituals for their selfish ends. People only got cheated by them. Let us leave it at that, without entering into whether such things are right or wrong. Dear man! Listen to us, we say that Bliss or everlasting happiness is not outside your body. -It is within you. 

To attain, you need not go anywhere, not need anyone to take you. You need nobody’s help. Be aware that it is within you. Next find out why you are unable to attain it? If you know the way to attain it, you can follow it and attain the Bliss and enjoy it for ever. This experience will lead you to achieve the SALVATION about which many religious people speak of. You may ask why I am unable to attain it although it is within me! A man seeing a cinema will be engrossed in it and will laugh or cry according to the scenes appearing therein. Till he is engrossed in the cinema he may even forget his bodily consciousness, he will not be aware of his upper cloth falling down; the ladies may not know if one cleverly removes the chain from their neck. We human beings are mostly in the state of one who is engrossed in the cinema or viewing of T.V. We see the various acts running before our mind’s eye that are presented by the impulses of five senses. We only believe them as true and lead a life accordingly. We are unable to see or experience the BLISS in us. 

To experience BLISS one has to stop seeing, viewing cinema, TV etc. One has to completely stop the impulses of his five senses, turn the attention from the mental screen to “chitta” sub-conscious mind and stop all chitta viruddhi or modifications of the sub-conscious mind. One will now see oneself and attain SALVATION or BLISS. 

Dear readers! Now we know by controlling the vibrations of fore-mind and sub-conscious mind one can see oneself or experience the fact that he is “Brahman” – we have explained this state in the earlier part of the book. Our mind is responsible for the state in which we are.  We have tried to explain all about mind’s functions etc. The mind which cause us all illusion in life can be controlled. We have also seen how we have been experiencing pain, pleasure because of the mind. We have controlled the mind and attained the everlasting BLISS or SALVATION. I would request you to read this book repeatedly, practice the various exercises to attain the various results step by step and ultimately live a life of everlasting HAPPINESS (Ananda) i.e. BLIS – SALVATION.

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