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YOGA OF MIND – 3. Mind and Life

The ups and downs in a man’s life is due to God’s deed, or “karmas” effect or planetary influence or due to any factor, the main instrument that is in a man, is the “mind” and it is the reason for all the differences found in the man. Whether it is God, or planets or any factors which wants to bestow good or bad to man, it acts through the mind of man by arousing such thoughts in his mind to confer good or bad effects. Whether it be luck or accident or unexpected happening or ill-luck, it has to arise first in the mind. Similarly good health, longevity, luck, ill-luck, riches or poverty, pain or pleasure, has to act through one’s mind, Let us assume (this is not possible) that only the soul is in the body and mind is not there. The result will be, like a dead body. 


The word “Man” in English, “Manushya” in Sanskrit, “Manushyudu” in Telugu, “Manithan” in Tamil, all go to show that man has a mind and he acts or functions through that. If one does not control his mind even though God desires to confer on him beneficial things, He cannot do it, fate will not be in a position to act through his mind. The planets will be unable  to do anything to him. Even the Lord of Death will have to hesitate to carry out his job. Let us see why it should happen so?


Whatever man wants to think, try to do a thing, his efforts etc., originates first in his mind, then through his body, he can able to do things in the world his body, he can able to do things in the world. e.g. if the thought to “walk” arises in one’s mind, then only he can walk. By merely feeling hungry one cannot eat, but the thought to eat should arise in one’s mind, then only he can do the act of eating. Man will perform a thing, only if he thinks in his mind to perform that thing. We must understand the deep principle that is involved. We eat because we think of eating and in addition our mind will be thinking how to eat and consequential actions take place in our body. If we want to repair a clock we may keep it with us but no repair functions will take place until our mind visualises step by step how to repair it. One who cannot think of the various steps of repairing the clock in one’s mind, will be unable to repair the clock. One who has not acquired the faculty to think of Telugu language, cannot speak that language either. Whatever man wants to do in the world, therefore, should first arise in his mind and then only it can be translated into action. 

If God wants to bestow wealth on a man, he should first act or perform such things or take steps that are required to acquire wealth. The thought to take steps needed to acquire wealth. The thought to take steps needed to acquire wealth is also implanted in his mind by God. Once it is implanted he starts acting accordingly and attains the wealth or riches that God wanted to bestow on him. Similarly if a planet prevail some evil things to happen in a man, it implants such thoughts in him that will culminate in the man-doing or meeting with such evil things. This theory applies in respect of good things bestowed on him by implanting good thoughts. Now it is well explained and understood that if good or bad were to occur through God or planets or by any being, it has to use the medium of mind in man. If there is no mind no agency can act on him. Unfortunately, man has not attempted to know the all powerful mind through which the entire bodily functions and other functions of the world takes place. It is, therefore, essential to know about the mind which is the kingpin of all his activities.

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