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YOGA OF MIND – 4. Composition of Mind

Mind always keeps functioning in all persons at all times. MIND is the foundation on which man’s entire life is built. Every act of man however trivial it may be, first originates in his mind and all inventions also have arisen in the man’s mind. The storehouse of pain and pleasure, the seat of five senses, smell, touch, taste, hearing, and perceiving or seeing all pass through the gateway of mind and soul. In fact the life that exists in man’s body is on account of the mind. It is a pity that man has not ventured to know about the mind which is the cornerstone of all his activities. 

First let us know, what is mind? The psychologists say that the brain is mind. Without mind, brain will not function. If a part of the brain gets immobilised a part of organ/s in the body of a man cease to function. Based on this apparent fact, many are led to believe the psychologists. It is just like comparing the music to veena. It is a fact that without veena one cannot play notes on it, or if one string is cut, it will not give the required note or if the tention of the strings of veena becomes less, it will not give the required pleasant note. It is true, that to play good music, a good Veena is essential. Can we say then, that the instrument veena can play the note all by itself? It has to be played by a competent Veena recitalist. Can we say then, that Veena is music? Similarly mind works through the medium of brain and for its proper functioning the brain has to be alright. Saying that Veena is music, is like saying that brain is mind. How wrong is this conclusion?

At the outset let us see that brain is not mind. There is no difference in the structure of brain of those who are well read, illiterates, people engaged in different activities and in respect of 

people who have mastered many languages and having different characters.

It is a fact that although chemically, physiologically, structurally the composition of the brain is the same but we see that there is no similarity in the functions of two persons. If brain is mind, everyone should know all arts and have all knowledge. Why then is the need for schools and colleges to impart arts and knowledge? All should think alike and live alike. Can we by breaking open the skull of a person come to the conclusion that he is a learned man with sterling character? Therefore, we can come to a definite conclusion that the brain is not mind and that mind only functions through the brain.  

Now we can easily understand that mind is not a physical object. If it is to be physical object one can see it, feel it like the organs of the body. Granting that it is a physical object like the cells of the body which cannot be seen by the naked eye, we can see it through a powerful microscope. So mind is not a physical object but a subtler object. Though it functions in the physical body it is in no way akin to the physical objects.

We know that mind is not a physical object but a subtler force. Man is composed of both physical objects that are visible and subtler objects like mind, intelligence, consciousness, ego and soul that are not visible. This has been the vision of spiritualists. Like the various specialists explaining the functions of physical organs (e.g.) E.N.T Cardiologist, Ortho, Neurologist etc.) the spiritualists have also studied the inter-relations and interactions of subtler vehicles of man enumerated above. It is now crystal clear that mind is a subtler force.

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