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YOGA OF MIND – 6. Determination vs Indetermination of Mind

In the previous chapter we analysed how the mind transforms or functions in two ways i.e. when the mind function in full control of our desire and the other when it functions in full control of our desire and the other when it functions according to its ways and means. Many psychologists began to study how the mind functions when it is not controlled. Why should it function in that manner? A study of mind from different angles yielded lot of facts. The mind will begin to think about a thing which we have been pointedly thinking about for a few days. When we want to solve a family problem and if we think about it very deeply, the mind will not get strayed on any other thing. Take for example that an unexpected incident has happened and it has been deeply rooted in your mind; even if you wish to change that thought, the incident keeps on appearing before you. It is found that the mind functions in a pointed manner when we are in a state of deep sorrow or deeply thinking about a thing or a matter required for completing a story cogently or when we are involved in an effort to find new inventions. 

Another great secret about the functioning of the mind is that when the mind is functioning in a controlled way, if someone in the vicinity were to create a strong thought force, it will get joined in the transformation of our mind and would rise the same thought in the mind of that person as thought of in the mind of the originator. When we are faced with the problem of such thoughts striking and arousing the thoughts of others in our mind, it can be safely concluded that someone in the near vicinity is thinking deeply about the thing and that thought-force has struck us eventhough we did not think about it.

There are many truths about others thought-force entering our mind and kindling same thoughts in us as thought of by others; for example when we are miles away from one’s near and dear, say; mother and if she is ill and thinks deeply about her son, the thought about one’s mother will arise in the son’s mind. In a similar manner the thoughts about separated lovers and long forgotten parents will arise in one’s mind whenever they deeply think about the respective individuals. 

If it is desired to test this, carry out a simple experiment all by yourself. Find out from your relative living far away when he is likely to be free on each day. Now keep his photograph and think deeply in the hour when your relative is free each day. You will be surprised to hear from him in a short span of time that he is often thinking about you. Based on this principle the auto-suggestion, implanting one’s suggestion in another mind are carried out.

Let us discuss this subject later on. Mind when it functions on its own, gets thought force from others and implanted in it. The spirits and angels also implant their thoughts in one’s mind. Thus the mind of a man is subject to influence of good or bad thoughts.

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