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YOGA OF MIND – 2. Differences in Life – style

What is the basic cause for the difference among humans? Let us analyse the cause. A School of thought ascribe it to one’s “Karma” or reaction acts of good or bad deeds. The differences are due to the good or bad acts done by these humans. Then the question that arises is, why similar beings with similar minds, bodies do dis-similar beings with similar minds, bodies do dis-similar acts. It is also argued that when first the humans started doing “karma” why each should do it in a different manner? Those who advance the “Karma” theory are unable to answer correctly and they prefer to stay at that point.

A religious man gives the reason for this difference as God.” Why should then God create one rich and the other poor?.. They only say that God wanted one to be rich and the other to be poor and it is a part of His game or ‘Leela”.

Those who advocate this theory perhaps may not be fully aware of the theory of “cause” and “effect”; for, in this world any act (animate or inanimate) take place only if there is a “cause” behind it. This has been fully proved by science. To do any like or dislike act, there should be a reason. One may like a thing and the same thing is disliked by the other. Why this? Will there be no reason behind it? Therefore, to create “likes” and “dislikes” in respect of the same thing, there must be a sufficient reason behind it. Those who say that God is the cause for the difference, are unable to advance the reasons for such differences.

Ascribing God as the cause of all the differences, they merely say that, HE gives the differences according to each one’s “Karma”. They also fail to give the reasons for differences in “karma” in each case.

Atheist says that it is a sheer accident one is born as rich and another as poor. This theory is not acceptable, as nothing happens in this world by accident or just like that. If a coin is spun it may land on its head or tail by accident according to these persons. But science does not accept this, for it ascribes various factors to this, Viz., the stance of the man spinning the coin, the force with which it has been spun, the distance between the earth and coin at the time of spinning, the density of the atmosphere and the gravitational force with which it has been spun, the distance between the earth and coin at the time of spinning, the density of the atmosphere and the gravitational force of the earth and the weight of the coin etc., If there were to be any variation in anyone of the factors, the coin may land on its head or tail side. If one were die in an accident, these people may say that it happened just like that. But a scientist or a rationalist will not subscribe to this idea. According to him the various factors contributing to his death are, the time he left the house, the speed and direction with which he walked, the speed of the vehicle, the direction and speed at which it was coming etc. It is, therefore, clear that nothing happens just like and the arguments of the atheist does not hold water.

Some opine that it is sheer luck that someone is born rich and it is ill-luck that someone is born poor. What then is luck and ill-luck? Why should be variation? There is no suitable answer to this query. Since nothing happens without sufficient cause or reason, one should not be smiled upon by lady luck and one dogged by ill – luck.

The astrologers say that it depends on the planetary positions of planets at the time of one’s birth. Why one should enjoy good planetary positions and others suffer? The astrologers also slip through the horns, mere by saying that according to their good or bad acts done during the previous births they enjoy good or bad planetary positions.

The doctors say that the differences in behavior is due to the various factors that occur during the pregnancy of the mother of the child. Why should there be variable factors in mother’s womb and why should the children be born in various differential qualities in mother’s womb? There is again no convincing answer.

The palmist contend that it is due to the different lines of the palm of the child, the difference occur. They again are unable to answer why the differences occurs in the lines of palms of various people. They call it an act of God.

Thus all the theories and explanations offered so far are at variance with the general rule of law, research, logic and are not acceptable to science. Just like the reason for upward growth of a tree are the roots that had gone deep into the soil and hence we cannot see them, the differences among the animate and the inanimate is a subtler force which is outside the perception of physical factors. This has not been understood by many. Before we try to analyse the subtler force and get to know it, let us try to understand through which ways these subtler forces act. If we understand this element, we can understand the various cause of differences in animate and inanimate things.

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