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YOGA OF MIND – 1. The Aim of Life

The present day humans have invented many advanced scientific, engineering and other material instruments due to their quest for them and these are only for enjoying material benefits on the earth. Standing in sharp contrast, our ancient “seers” delved deep into spiritualism and as result have handed over to the posterity many valuable hidden secrets in respect of one’s existence and the goal. If the present generation tries to understand and put into practice some of those spiritual truths, they will realise that the present material advancement of which they ate very proud of, are insignificant and useless when compared to the aim for which they came into the world.

We know that all beings that come into existence into the world – live, become aged and die or perish after sometime. Why not the present generation ponder over the fact that where from the things are born? Why a thing that is born should die? Where do they go after death? If this can be really thought of deeply by the modern generation, the secrets of spiritualism of our ancient “seers” will unravel before them and it will be realized that they are everlasting truths and will aid them and lead them towards the GOAL OF Life and Spiritual life will be a boundless joy than the one under the umbrella of modern inventions.

Our ancient “seers” studied the behavior of all beings from elephant to an ant in a subtler way and learnt the aim of life.

It was clear that whatever be the kind of life led by anything, it pointed towards one thing i.e., it had its aim of seeking mental satisfaction. Why does an ant take the trouble of going from place to place? Only to find food to eat and be satisfied for that moment. Similarly birds chirp and fly from place to place in search of food and rest. The man’s action from his childhood till he dies is full of ordeals, only to get satisfaction for himself viz., child cries for food or to attract the attention of parents to relieve from an insect bite or from hunger. One Plays with his equal age boys to get pleasure etc., One wants to become famous by studying and to sustain his family by getting an employment.

The Lovers meet to exchange feelings of love for each other and be happy. One does charity to gain some “punya” (virtue) and attain a good status after death. Why does a man beget children? Only to hear his youngsters fine voice and be happy. Why do people cry when someone? dies? It is not that they will no longer benefit from the dead man? It is, therefore, clear that generally the common man’s activity is centered around some object to get relieved from the situation he is wedged in and be happy.

More often he does not feel happy, Why? A man who eats to fulfill his hunger suffers from stomatch pain; one who takes cool drinks on a hot day suffers from cold; one who wants to earn profit out of profession incurs loss. One who loves and marries a girl, learns that his lover is suffering from an incurable illness. One who thinks that he will be able to get thing from an appointed place meets with misery on the way. One who expects to get full benefits from his wards is betrayed by them. While everyone wants to live happily and accordingly tailors his activities, he meets with unhappiness. Why? By birth one is born in a poor family and dies in misery, whereas one is born in a rich family and leads a very comfortable life. Why this differentiation even in childhood when the child does not do any sin?

Our ancients began to ponder over such differences and the answer they got it, that no twins born alike in qualities, no two plants or animals are to be born with like or identical benefits in future or were born in the past. A mother can distinguish her child in the midst of many children although they may be alike in appearances. It is just like a shepherd who can recognise his sheep among a herd of sheep or like, a gardener who can identify a particular tree in a thick grown garden. The reason for this is, that although trees of one category and humans appear to be having like appearances, they are really not so, they differ in their mental makeup etc., Nowhere it is on record that in this world two persons of similar appearances lived with similar foremind. It will not be so in future. Why then there is difference between each animate and inanimate object? Now we will confine ourselves to the causes of difference among humans and once we understand this aspect others are easy to proceed further.

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